Friday, 31 July 2015

IBM HTTP Server and CRIMA1137W

In the spirit of cross-posting my posts from elsewhere, I've just submitted a post: -

to the Global WebSphere Community (GWC) aka the WebSphere User Group.

Hope it's of use.

Monday, 27 July 2015

How to handle SIB messaging engine functionality, if fail over occur at database server side (in case of data store as message store)?

Have I mentioned how good developerWorks Answers is ?

If not, it's really very good.

Here's an example: -


Would like to know more details about Messaging Engine functionality if data base is failed over to other other server. Is there any way to configure the failover database server names in WebSphere Application Server if primary database server is down and secondary take over the DB functionality?


If you are using data store as message store and lost the connection to the database you can tune the detection of database connection loss to decide how messaging engine functionality should behave. If the connection between a running messaging engine and its data store is lost, either due to a failure or because you stop the database for maintenance, you can ensure that the messaging engine functions correctly after the connection is restored, by configuring the server to restart automatically.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Apple Watch - My first few days

This is NOT a review of the Apple Watch, I've not yet had it long enough, and there are FAR better reviews including this: -

and: -

However, I did struggle ( albeit briefly ) to set up Apple Pay.

I've got an iPhone 5s and have the Watch app set up and connected via BlueTooth.

When I tried to set up Apple Pay in the Watch app on the iPhone, I saw this: -

Could Not Connect to Apple Watch
Make sure your Apple Watch is nearby, powered on, and not in Airplane mode.

Having confirmed that both Watch and iPhone were both powered on AND not in Airplane Mode, I was at a bit of a loss.

The watch was showing this: -

which implied that all was well.

In true The IT Crowd tradition, I thought .... ah hah, why don't I try turning it off and on again.

Therefore, I powered off the iPhone, and turned it back on again.

And ....

guess what ?

Yep, it worked.

I'm now up and running with  Pay, ready to go and spend some money :-)

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Apple Music, Apple Music, Wherefore Art Thou ?

I'm loving  Music, as people who know me no doubt know.

Having got things nice and smooth on my Mac and on my iPhone, I was somewhat disappointed to find that my chosen music ( that which I'd "liked" and added to my music library: -

did not appear in ... my music library on another iOS device: -

Thankfully the Music app came to my rescue when I attempted to add a song to My Music on the iOS device, I was kindly presented with this: -

That's what I was missing :-)

Off to the Settings app, and select: -

and we're all good to go :-)

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

IBM Integration Bus - Where's my WSDL ?

I'm playing with HTTP Input and SOAP Input Nodes in IBM Integration Bus 9 right now, which is nice.

I'm following someone else's tutorial: -

In part 2, he says: -

which confused me because I did NOT have the Generate option: -

Then I checked the IBM Integration Bus Knowledge Centre: -

which says, in part: -

Tip: If you need to generate a WSDL document, you must first enable message set development in the IBM® Integration Toolkit. For more information, see Enabling message set development.

I did as instructed, and saw: -

Once I checked the Enable menus for Message Set development box and clicked OK, I was back in the game: -

To be fair, this does make sense, given what the IIB preferences page says: -

The tutorial was written in 2011 for WebSphere Message Broker.

I'll experiment further ....

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

IBM Application Performance Management - Why no start ?

We saw an interesting issue with a pair of IBM APM agents today, each on a different AIX LPAR.

Each time we tried to start the agent: -

/opt/IBM/ITM/bin/itmcmd agent start yn

( where yn is a particular agent - ITCAM Agent for WebSphere Applications )

we saw: -

Processing. Please wait...
Starting ITCAM Agent for WebSphere Applications ...
KCIIN0198E Unable to start agent. Please, check log file.

When I dug further, I found this: -

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: net (A file or directory in the path name does not exist.)

in one of the logs in /opt/IBM/ITM/logs.

This most closely resembled this IBM Technote: -

which suggested that the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) might be corrupted.

Acting on this suggestion, I took a backup of a working JRE from another box running the same version of the yn agent: -

cd /opt/IBM/ITM/JRE/
/opt/freeware/bin/tar cvzf /tmp/itm_java.tar.gz aix523/
scp /tmp/itm_java.tar.gz wasadmin@bpmlpar:/tmp

and restored it in place of the allegedly borked JRE: -

cd /opt/IBM/ITM/JRE/
mv aix523 foobar
/opt/freeware/bin/tar xvzf /tmp/itm_java.tar.gz

and, guess what ..... it worked :-)

/opt/IBM/ITM/bin/itmcmd agent start yn

Processing. Please wait...
Starting ITCAM Agent for WebSphere Applications ...
ITCAM Agent for WebSphere Applications started

/opt/IBM/ITM/bin/cinfo -r

*********** Tue Jul  7 11:53:04 BST 2015 ******************
User: wasadmin Groups: wasadmin staff
Host name : bpm101  Installer Lvl:
CandleHome: /opt/IBM/ITM

Host         Prod  PID       Owner     Start     ID    ..Status
       d4    10027226  wasadmin  11:48:54  None  ...running
bpm101       th    9896038   wasadmin  11:49:12  None  ...running
bpm101       yn    14286896  wasadmin  11:49:22  None  ...running

It goes without saying that (a) your mileage may well vary and (b) if in doubt, please raise a PMR with IBM Support before trying this